Sunday, March 3, 2013

Santa Barbara

Our winter getaway to lovely Santa Barbara came just in time to cure our cabin fever and help us make it through the gray days of February.  We enjoyed staying with family and our hosts were the most gracious people..... 
A view from our host's home, overlooking Santa Barbara and the ocean

We ate!!  This is a typical breakfast...and I ate it up!
We tasted wine...this was my favorite!
We saw such spectacular country out and around Santa Barbara during our day of wine tasting...many breathtaking vineyards, featuring delicious wine. (The next photos have nothing to do with my wine drinking!)
Entrance to the Santa Barbara courthouse

Gorgeous courthouse fountain features a dolphin fish
Santa Barbara's courthouse is a must see..very Spanish influenced, with a tower at the top offering an amazing view of the city.  We appreciated the beauty of this's pretty shops, gardens and walk-ability.
Blue skies, blue water, surf and sand!
Ahhh, thank you dear ones for making this holiday possible...I can survive through the last days of winter now!