Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Recently I was introduced to : " the daily Skimm". ( http://www.theskimm.com/ )  A free daily on-line newspaper created for professional women who don't have time to read or listen to daily news in other traditional formats.
Alright, this does fill a niche.  I can imagine checking in on my cell while brushing my teeth in the morning...clicking on the little links while using the toilet.....more clicking on the little links while at my desk to get in depth information.  This information is selective and usually a day old....and does not include any local news.  Written in a "witty" way, advertised as in "talking with your best girlfriend".  Almost as in a late night talk show format, but without a monologue, guests, or band.
Plus, you get recommended conversation topics for certain social situations!...yeah...because you know how we all talk about politics, stock market, and world war while we're celebrating dinner out with friends,  having coffee with a significant other, or chatting with a MAN.   And heavens, we may run out of SMART conversation fodder! 

Normally, I get this info while watching local news while making my morning coffee...tuning into Public Radio during the morning drive...turning on my laptop...filling my gas at the pump (with the news program on its TV screen)...sitting at the doctor's office...working out at the club, staring at their screens, while on the treadmill.  I feel it's ever present and all around me.

Yet, the biggest part of "the daily Skimm" that is most difficult to accept is the logo:
the Skimm logo
A woman in heels, skirt, pearl necklace, hair in bun, no waist, holding a purse,
(while reading her ipad).
Stereotypical, old-fashioned, sexist, are just SOME of the adjectives that come to mind.

I have no time in my life for this self proclaimed daily woman's "time-saver".
Do You?