Monday, June 3, 2013

Gardening at "The Farm"

I adore these two people!  They are close friends and neighbors who are moving out of the neighborhood (boo-hoo) to a new development which once was farmland.  The development features a community garden.  The Kuckers are graciously allowing me to help garden.  Which is something I love to do!  We have two plots which are 5x10 ft.  Neil Kucker constructed the garden boxes (with sides which allow for kneeling and sitting) and we amended the soil with organic compost and fertilizer.  This is what they look like:
We planted a variety of vegetables.  So far everything is growing wonderfully, except for basil.  Our weather has been a bit too cool, wet and cloudy.  One of the strangest springs on record.  I'll keep you posted as plants grow and we reap the rewards of our small garden.  We will miss our friends the Kuckers, Neil and Rachel, but they won't be going far...and their new neighborhood is fabulous!